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October 13, 2013
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Elementary, My Dear Watson by DulcetFancy Elementary, My Dear Watson by DulcetFancy
Ah, yes, the undeniable Sherlock Holmes, a classic in and unto himself. There’s no denying that Jeremy Brett is perhaps the best actor to portray this character…sorry Cumberbatch fans. Excuse the puffs of smoke, ’tis late and I got a bit lazy doing that bit. There are probably other flaws that I somehow missed, but I don’t really care to go back in to tweak it. This one’s a bit dreary for my liking, there’s practically no color! Ack, pudgy hands…I really need to practice hands…I hate drawing them. Of all the caricatures I’ve done so far Brett was by far the most challenging. It’s probably obvious that I enjoy the old classic TV series from the ’80s. I liked how enigmatic and charming Brett was in that, he really seemed to “understand” Sherlock’s perplexing personality. He’s the true Sherlock in my opinion! Or at least as close to the character as I imagined him from the books!

I think I'm going to do Miss Marple next...the Geraldine McEwan one, methinks, (only because she's ADORABLE and has the cutest clothes!) and then after that I'll do Adrian Monk. Why, yes I am doing a mystery detective series of dollies, how'd you guess?

Created: October 13th, 2013
Hours: 7 1/2 not counting the months in between where it sat as an unfinished sketch.
Base Credit: Baseless.

A DD??? Really? Wow! THANK YOU!! I never would've expected to receive a DD on my silly little Sherlock doll.
Thanks again for all of the faves and lovely comments, I've especially enjoyed reading each and every one!  I truly appreciate it.
A big thank you goes to Moonbeam13 for suggesting it. THANK YOU!!!

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Given 2013-10-14
Elementary, My Dear Watson by =DulcetFancy ( Suggested by Moonbeam13 and Featured by FionaCreates )
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