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Journal Entry: Wed May 20, 2015, 12:44 PM
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the silence these last few months, because of my absence, I feel as if I've disappointed a lot of my e-friends (you guys are my whole world, I miss you all so much and think of you often! *big hugs*). I am a full-time hermit, and have no desire to enter pageants/contests, or to participate in forums, it's too much stress for my little weary heart to handle. Invisible 

I'm ill 24/7, severely lethargic and just don't have the energy or wherewithal to do all the digital-dolling related things that I used to enjoy, at least as far as the community is concerned. I suppose you could say that I've retired from the community, but not the hobby. I still love it and plan to make dolls for myself whenever I get the urge to, and post them here like always.  I am continuing to doll, little by little, (baby-steps, yay!) though it takes me months to finish my dolls, unlike the old days when I could finish one in six hours flat. Am I making sense so far? If I don't, I apologize - brain fog; my thoughts lately are extremely scatterbrained. Mushy brain! :dummy:

On a side note, I am making progress in my diagnoses, and can confirm that I do not have arthritis. That's at least one thing I can cross off of my long list of ailments. XD Next I need to see a neurologist, to get a confirmation for Fibromyalgia, this will require lots of tests, as well as, poking and prodding. ...   It may be that I have a condition called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), and or Dysautonomia, (dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system - Mitral Valve Prolapse, which I have, ties in to both syndromes, so it's highly probable that I have them!) but this is just a personal guess, (I'm a nerd and can spend hours browsing the web reading about mysterious illnesses). I've had a lot of these symptoms my whole life, so I will have to bring that up with my doctor when I see her at my next appointment. There's a lot more that I'm dealing with physically, but it's not necessary to tell you all the sordid details. That's pretty much the gist of what I've been coping with, just thought some of you would like to know. :) (Smile)

In between doctor visits, lots of resting, and dolling I've been playing an unhealthy amount of Sims 3. Just recently jumped onto the Sims bandwagon, for the first time, (better late than never right?) and having a blast creating characters, and building my dream house. I admit, I have more fun building houses than anything else!

Question for all you artists:
For those of you that are chronically ill, what do you do to maintain your inspiration, and how do you find the energy to sit and draw/paint, etc... for lengths of time (while in pain) without getting tired? I struggle with this on a daily basis, and can go days/weeks/months without creating anything. When I'm too ill to make art, I get cranky, gosh darn it. LOL.

WIP of current project:
Proof that I'm dolling, or at least trying to. :P

I never spend this much time sketching out a doll, perhaps I should quite while I'm ahead? XD What's the longest time you've ever worked on a doll?

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